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Join our society of generous supporters who give through their wills, trusts or other type of planned gift

The Paul Dudley White Legacy Society honors generous donors who've included us in their wills, trusts or other type of estate plan. Dr. White was one of our founding members. As President Eisenhower’s personal cardiologist, he guided the president’s recovery from a heart attack. Dr. White’s vision of a world with better research, treatment and education for cardiovascular disease helped the association emerge as a world renowned leader.

Benefits include:

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Already included us in your will or trust? If so, we want to make sure we recognize your important donation - your contribution automatically makes you a member. Contact your Local Charitable Estate Planning Representative, complete the Paul Dudley White Legacy Society Form, or mail your printable Paul Dudley White Legacy Society Form (PDF).

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Charitable estate planning represents approximately 15% of our annual gifts. Over $3 billion from planned gifts means we can support research & education aimed at funding scientists and medical professionals dedicated to saving and improving lives.

A Heartfelt Thank You from CEO Nancy Brown

Your generosity allows us to focus on healthy hearts, healthy brains and healthy aging around the world. Thank you!"

- Nancy Brown, CEO, American Heart Association

Leaving a lasting legacy

Our Will and Estate Planning Workbook is your first step to creating a legacy that will make a difference in the lives of future generations.

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